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Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family?

Quit throwing money at your landlord and start investing in yourself and your family! You can be a homeowner!

EXIT Realty N.F.I. has helped thousands of first time home buyers. We can set you on the right path to homeownership regardless of your situation. Many first time home buyers are surprised when they find out that you don't need thousands of dollars in the bank to purchase a home. There are several first time buyer programs such as SHIP and BOND that can cover most, if not all, closing costs. Quit throwing away money on rent and invest in your future!

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Learn how you can buy a home with little or no down!

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  • What you should consider before you buy.
  • Learn the process of buying a home.

Think about these three ways you lose money by renting:

  1. You're paying for someone else's mortgage payment. You're missing out on the appreciation that the property gives to the landlord. Appreciation is a term used in accounting relating to the increase in value of an asset, which means in real estate terms, added value to the property. Over the past five years, houses appreciated significantly, making many new real estate investor multimillionaires.

  2. Renters don't get to freeze their monthly housing expenses like home buyers can. Of course, many home buyers get mortgage payments with adjustable interest rates and their payments go up over time. However, these payments will not go up over the long term like rising rents. Just think about how much an apartment costs today compared to ten years ago.

  3. Renters don't benefit from tax advantages. Home owners get income tax deductions. Tax deductions for interest costs, for instance, save taxpayers thousands of dollars. 

Emotional Satisfaction of Home Ownership

Besides losing out on making money with real estate, renters don't get the same satisfaction of home enjoyment that benefits home buyers. Many landlords won't allow you to paint your walls in colors that you desire. Also, you won't feel like fixing up the property with custom window coverings and you get little say in flooring materials. Because you can't make your personal statement, you won't feel like you're HOME as much as homeowners who feel emotionally connected to their property.

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